Crystal Clardy

Crystal Dawn Clardy
Owner/Operator/Boot Camp Coach

Crystal developed an interest for the fitness world in her early twenties.  She is a self-proclaimed F.F.K., “Former Fat Kid,” who grew up with a non-existent understanding of health and fitness. Fast food drive-through windows were an almost daily stop for her, and being active was limited to mandatory P.E. classes.  Crystal worked her way through college as a bartender, which led to a lifestyle of binge-drinking, late-night eating, sleeping all day, and repeating the cycle most days of the week.

In February 2009, she began dating a man whom she knew she would eventually marry, and thus began the quest to love herself before expecting someone else to love her for the rest of her life.  Crystal began walking/jogging in her neighborhood, then attending group classes at her gym, working out on her own, and eventually training for half-marathons.  After losing a significant amount of weight through calorie-counting and intense cardio sessions, she knew there was more to the healthy living equation that she had yet to experience.  In April 2011, a friend told Crystal she was going to start working out with Billings Adventure Boot Camp, a women-only daily workout, so she decided to join for a new fitness challenge. After a week she was hooked, and two weeks later she committed to working out with this program for the rest of the year!

Crystal continued to learn from her trainers and developed a passion for learning about changing the body through exercise and nutrition.  She decided to pursue this passion by becoming a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), completing her studies in April 2012 while simultaneously teaching sixth grade, bartending, and planning her wedding.  That summer, Crystal started training a group of her friends for an hour a day, getting them to fall in love with the idea of working out in a supportive group environment.  She also interned with Billings Adventure Boot Camp in hopes of training her own class some day.  In October 2012, she and her husband moved from Montana to Colorado where Crystal got a job at a large corporate gym.  Crystal quickly realized how much she missed the fun, supportive, educational environment that Adventure Boot Camp had provided her with for the past year and a half of her life, and decided she would bring this program to her new Colorado community.  Crystal became a National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Certified Adventure Boot Camp instructor in April 2013.  She has learned how to make it a priority to successfully incorporate a healthy lifestyle into her chaotic schedule, and continues to draw from her own personal experiences to support others in incorporating fitness and nutrition into their everyday lives in order to achieve their fitness goals.  Her goal is to motivate and empower women in the community who will do the same for others in their lives–significant others, children, colleagues, and friends, who will continue to make this a healthier community to live in.