Lakewood Adventure Boot Camp Testimonials

“Bootcamp” sounds terrifying. Before I joined Lakewood Adventure Boot Camp for Women, every time I heard the term I would imagine a large intimidating man in military fatigues yelling 2 inches from my face for me to do more pushups, followed quickly by accusing me of being weak. The reality I have discovered is the exact opposite. The only yelling that goes on is from Crystal encouraging me to do my best, and from the other boot campers cheering me on. The biggest worry I had before my first day of camp, even up until the night before day 1, was that I wasn’t going to be fit enough to do any of it. I feared that I would hold back others in my class, and that it would not only be embarrassing, but impossible. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first week was hard; I felt every squat, every lap and every push-up for days! But each circuit or partner exercise has various levels of difficulty depending on ability. This built in flexibility allowed me to participate 100% of the time, as well as allow me to have immediate goals for my self-improvement. The day that I could do a full sit-up rather than a crunch with ease, I could have cried I was so excited. When I reached my goal of moving from push-ups on my knees to pushups from my toes, I was so proud of my accomplishment! The other assumption I had about bootcamp was that it would breed a competitive nature that I might not be comfortable with. In this I was also incredibly wrong.  The sense of community and comradery is amazing. Each woman has her own short and long term goals, and diet demons to face, but we are all working toward the same ultimate goal, to be fit and healthy. Being able to swap suggestions, share accomplishments, and vent frustrations about the bumps along the way to changing our lives is priceless. Seeing the incredible woman that I sweat with every morning reach their goals, gain confidence and change their lives inspires me to do the same.
There are so many reasons to join Lakewood Adventure Boot Camp for Women, but here are the ones that I feel are the most compelling:
1.      Having an “appointment”, or set time to dedicate to improving your fitness, means you are more likely to do it. It pushes you to be accountable.
2.      Even if you know nothing about working out when you start, you can and will become an expert. The overall fitness knowledge gained is astronomical.
3.      You get an instant support system. Not just from Crystal, but from your fellow bootcampers.
4.      Diet and healthy lifestyle tips and related information are provided almost every day when you are part of camp. It is great to read the science behind what you are doing, or real life success stories to inspire you.
5.      Last, but certainly not least: RESULTS. This might be pounds, inches or improved overall fitness, or a combination of all three. If you show up, and put the effort into each class taking one day at a time, you will see results. Knowing that you earned those results makes them that much more meaningful.


Lakewood Adventure Boot Camper

Lakewood's Best Kept Secret

I have been in boot camp for over six weeks and I can't believe the difference! As someone who has always struggled to keep fitness goals I was ready to accept that it just wasn't going to happen for me. Luckily I met Crystal. Now I'm down one dress size, made lots of friends and have energy to spare. This is not your regular, demoralizing, drill Sargent type of boot camp.  Crystal is an amazing instructor! She is a great resource, knowledgeable and very skilled. Not only is her enthusiasm contagious but she doesn't let you give up on yourself. Everyone works at their own pace and Crystal is always wiling to teach modifications.  Best of all she teaches you to challenge yourself.

The nutrition component is by far the best support I have ever had. I have learned so much more than the standard "calories in, calories out" formula.  With Crystal's help I now know how to eat to support fat loss. And unlike with the various nationally know diet programs I have tried in the past, I'm never hungry. Trust me, at first I was skeptical and a little intimidated too but I promise you after the first week, you'll be hooked!


Lakewood Adventure Boot Camper

I started Lakewood Adventure Boot Camp for Women 6 weeks ago and love it. As a mom of 2 boys (ages 5 & 3 1/2) and working full-time I didn't make exercise a priority, really not a part of my life, for over 5 years. Signing up for 5:30am boot camp is the best decision I could have made. It's the 1 hour in my day that is just for me. I love that each day the workouts are so different (no chance for boredom), it's fast paced but at your own ability, and really and truly fun! Crystal knows how to push you to your limits and beyond. She recognizes the moment you are almost ready to stop and shouts out a cheer and keeps you going. Not only do my clothes fit better but my attitude about everything is much more positive. Thanks Crystal!


Lakewood Adventure Boot Camper